Persons interested in applying to lease State and Government Lands should note that there are five (5) Steps:-

  1. Expression of Interest
  2. Inspection and Application
  3. Processing
  4. Survey of land & fee Payment
  5. Lease Issuance

*** Please click on the various stages of the 5 Step process for additional details and samples. ***

Sample Forms

Letter of Interest

Application For Title Transfer

Commercial Application Form

Government Agency Application

Individual Application form for title GSL (1)

Letter of Interest Acknowledgement Letter Land Availability Inspection Fee Payment Field Inpection Application Fee Payment & Submission Application Verification Schedule of Applications Reviewed Schedule Approval Survey of Land Plan Preparation Plan Registration Lease Preparation Lease Distribution Lease Registered Lease Delivery

Letter of Interest

Your application begins with you expressing interest in the need for land. This letter must state the area where the land is located and the total size for which you are applying along with a brief description of the land. The letter is addressed to the Commissioner of the Lands and Surveys Commission.

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The following Information form should accompany the Letter of Interest

Information Form

Acknowledgement Letter

Once your Letter of Interest has been submitted you will receive an acknowledgement and an invitation to visit the Commission

Land Availability

Once your Letter of Interest has been submitted you will receive an acknowledgement and an invitation to visit the Commission

Inspection Fee Payment

You will be required to pay an inspection fee. If there is available land within the area for which you have applied. At the same time your inspection will be scheduled at your earliest convenience.  

Field Inpection

On the day of the scheduled inspection, you will accompany the Field Staff to inspect the land for which you have applied. You will be given the option to decide if the land meets your requirements. You will be provided with an inspection report as proof that this inspection occurred.

Application Fee Payment & Submission

Once the land inspected meets your requirements you will be invited to purchase and submit a formal application. This application will capture details about yourself, the land and your intended use of such. You will also be required to pay an application processing and filing fee upon submission of the application. 

Application Verification

Your application along with the relevant internal documents are passed to our processing unit to verify its correctness, ensuring your application meets our minimum criteria. Your details are also entered into our electronic database. 

Schedule of Applications Reviewed

A detailed list of all submitted and verified applications is reviewed at several levels for approval or refusal.   

Schedule Approval

The list of approved applicants is then sent to be scrutinized and signed by the Minister of State within the Ministry of the Presidency.  

Survey of Land

You will be notified of the requirement to conduct a survey (also known as a cadastral survey) if your application has been approved and the land for which you have applied for has not been previously surveyed.

If the survey is being executed by the commission you are required to pay 75% of the estimated survey cost. Please note that you have a right to accompany the Surveyor when the survey is being executed.You have 4 months from date of approval letter to conduct the survey and have the cadastral plan submitted to the Surveys Division of the Commission


Plan Preparation

You have 4 months to conduct your survey and return the cadastral plan to the Surveys Division of the Guyana Lands & Surveys Commission.

Plan Registration

The details of your cadastral plan are recorded in our surveys database and stored in our vault. 

Lease Preparation

Leases are prepared, assigned a unique number, signed by the Commissioner and recorded in our master register. 

Lease Distribution

Completed leases are then distributed to each regional office where you will be contacted to uplift your lease. You will be required to pay a lease issuance fee of $XXX

Lease Registered

Each lease entering the Regional Office is registered and letters of notices are sent to each client 

Lease Delivery

Uplifting your lease you will to sign the Lease Issuance Form and pay all fees/rent owed. Congratulations! You are now a Lease holder J