Large Format Scanning



Service Description
The Division offers large format
scanning services that produce high-resolution colored or black and white digital output in several file formats with maximum document width of 42 inches. Document length is virtually unlimited.This service includes scanning of large maps, self supplied drawings and aerial photographs. Maps could be scanned at 200 dpi or higher while our aerial photographs are usually scanned at 600 dpi or higher depending on the image quality. We can also crop and provide other image enhancement processing to your scanned data that would improve the quality of your image.
This process will allow an image on paper or film to be ‘captured’ and placed in an electronic file and has the advantage of being able to quickly generate electronic maps, with turnaround time from request to delivery. Scanned raster images are very useful in backdrop mapping.

Scanned maps/documents could be had at a cost of G$4,000.00 each. Concessions would be given to persons desirous of obtaining a large amount of scans. Our scanned raster formats include: TIFF, JPEG GIF and BMP. Plotting is available at a discount cost when we undertake both the scanning and plotting for your job.



Service Description:DSC_419522
Although the process of scanning will allow an image on paper or microfilm to be ‘captured’ and placed in an electronic file, it will not allow the user to compare different sources of information about the same place on the same view, hence it is necessary to geo-reference this data, which will allow that possibility for an almost unlimited number of combinations. We geo-reference geographic data using a minimum of four to twelve geographic points thus allowing for varying accuracy.

Geo-referenced data can be used in a geographic information system (GIS) thus allowing the user to compare different sources of information about the same place in one view.


With the supply of your own geographic data in digital form we could geo-reference same for G$3,000.00. We also do complete scanning and geo-referencing of hard copy data for the costs quoted below:

Maps G$7,000.00 each
Mosaics G$7,000.00 each
Aerial photographs G$7,000.00 each
Self-supplied drawings G$7,000.00 each


Some concession would be given to persons desirous of scanning and geo-referencing large amounts of data. The data could be made available in tiff and jpeg file formats among others

Large Format Plotting


Service Description
Our HP Design Jet 800 printer delivers ultimate photo quality for renders, maps and photographs providing continuous tones and smooth transitions using a true resolution of 2400*1200 dpi. It also provides excellent line quality for detailed CAD drawings. Our printing quality also reflects excellent colour and monochrome line drawings.To cater for your complete printing solutions, we could make use of a wide range of roll and sheet media including HP heavy weight coated paper with fade resistant photo quality output and HP high gloss paper for high quality long lasting prints that produces a professional look and feel. We could use roll width of paper from 24 inches to 42 inches wide as need be.

This service can be made available at the costs quoted below for complex map details.
As in the case of simple maps, the cost would vary.

Plotting of maps(monochrome on paper) G$180.00 per plot inch
Plotting of maps(multicoloured on paper) G$280.00 per plot inch
Plotting of maps(monochrome on film) G$300.00 per plot inch
Plotting of maps(multicoloured on film) G$400.00 per plot inch

Customers who are desirous of obtaining a plot of any of GLSC’s data will be charged an additional fee for scanning unless an electronic file is provided.There would be an additional charge of G$500.00 per CD when supplying digital data.


          The Land Information and Mapping Division within the GL/SC provides the service of digitizing one of several services provided. This method of mapping converts maps into digital computerized data. Thematic Maps are maps which focus on specific themes eg. A customer (civil Aviation) may request a Map of Guyana showing Flight Route. The LIM Division is tasked with producing such maps by using heads up digitizing.


Once a database has been prepared, then analysis can be performed to answer questions such as;

  • Where is the nearest Health Centre from a school or community?
  • What is the shortest or longest route to the city market?
  • Occupation status of a specific area?
  • How much land has been occupied in a specific area, against how much land is available, and can be applied for?


The Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission offers training for staff from government departments, private sector, organizations and local authorities.

These courses can be tailored made to the individual needs of any one organization.

Some specific courses include:

    • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) levels 1&2
    • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
    • Auto CAD
    • Mapping Skills