Job Title


Training & Occupational Health and Safety Officer (TOHSO)




Human Resource and Administration




Head Office


Salary Band




Job Purpose


The TOHSO will work as part of the Human Resource and Administration Division with the responsibility for coordinating, planning and compiling of relevant Human Resource Development Programmes for the benefit of the Commission. He/She will work to develop and ensure proper delivery of training programmes for all levels of the Commission’s staff and coordinate and benefit  from travel internationally or nationally.


Main Responsibilities ·         Conduct Detailed Training Needs Analysis to cater for all levels of staff in various Divisions.


  • Establish and implement robust Training Regime/Programme


  • Assist and advise the Commission in developing the overall training strategy.


  • Lead in the formulation of training modules aimed at upgrading all levels of employees.


  • Provide assistance for employees committed to self-improvement for the benefit of the Commission.


  • Actively support training activities in all Regional Offices.


  • Organise the orientation of new and continuing employees.


  • Monitor the implementation of the Human Resource Policy to ensure training is adequately accounted for into the Commission’s scope of work


  • Establish and coordinate annual Work Study and Internship  Programmes.


  • Support the identification of Interns and Volunteers for development across the Divisions of the Commission.


  • Compile and maintain a database of sources of relevant training materials and of institutions and agencies whose resource capabilities can be utilised for training and development.


  • Establish and maintain a detailed database of all training activities executed by the Commission.


  • Monitor the results of the Staff Appraisal System for training needs and opportunities.


  • Maintain an Occupational Safety and Health Programme for the Commission including providing training and practical sessions for implementation of approved policies.


Working and Reporting




Reports to:

  • Manager, Human Resources and Administration with line management from the Senior Human Resource Officer



The Training Officer is authorised to liaise with Agencies and individuals, both internal and external for the Commission in connection with his/her role.


Working relationships (internal):

  • CEO
  • Managers of other Divisions


  • Seniors


  • Staff


  • Human Resources Section


Working relationships (external):

  • Ministry of the Presidency,  Public Service Department


  • Senior Land Administration Officers at Regional Offices



Personal Specifications



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Management, Education or Human Resource Development with specialization in Learning and Teaching Methodologies or any other related field.



  • Four (4) years experience at a comparable management level with substantial broad-based knowledge in the design, preparation and delivery of training programmes.

Other skills and knowledge requirements:

  • Knowledge of systems and procedures required to ensure that they are successful and accountable.


  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills


  • Problem solving, planning and organizing skills.


  • Must be able to effectively design, plan and deliver training programmes.


  • Knowledge of organisational safety and ergonomic practices


Personal characteristics: 

  • Results oriented


  • Demonstrates leadership and ethical values to all staff.


  • Excellent management, organisational and training skills.


  • Ability to innovate and take initiative to support continuous performance improvement.


  • Determination to achieve objectives under pressure, within challenging resource constraints and competing priorities.


  • He/she must respect confidentiality and must be a person of utmost integrity.


Working Conditions/ Special Requirements He/She is required to plan and implement training courses/programmes that require full or part-time attendance as well as identify training needs through the Staff Performance Appraisal System. Coaching for staff development and job rotation will also provide opportunities for the advancement of employees.