The Surveying division is made up of three sections namely Cadastral Surveys, Geodetic Surveys and Surveying Information and Plan Preparation. The following are the objectives of this division:

  • to execute and cause to be executed geodetic, topographic, hydrographic, and cadastral surveys in relation to the land and water resources of Guyana;
  • to establish and maintain the national survey control system, set standards for the collection of photogrametric data and specify the technical requirements for land surveys;
  • to check, approve, record and, where required, certify all land surveys carried out in relation to any land in Guyana;
  • to provide access to land surveying rerecords and related information
  • to any land surveyor or any other person , class or classes or person

Functions of the Surveys Division

To maintain surveying standards and provide direction on surveying matters and to ensure that surveys are performed and recorded according to defined standards, in a timely manner and in accordance with prevailing legislation.

Generally, the Surveys Division is the division responsible for all the Surveying work of the Commission and has the mandate to administer the Land Surveyors Act.

Basically, these functions are executed by the Office of the Surveys Manager, the Cadastral Surveys Section, the Geodetic Surveys Section and the Survey Information and Plan Preparation Section.

The Surveys Manager Office is responsible to effectively and efficiently manage the Surveys Division to efficiently achieved it targets set out in the Division’s work programme. In so doing, the Office directly supervises the Cadastral, Geodetic and Surveys Information and Plan Preparation Sections. The manger office is also tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Hold consultations on the draft Land Surveyor’s Act
  • Draft standards for circulation
  • Collect Standards from international survey organizations
  • Hold regular consultations with various stake holders
  • Hold the annual examination for certifying Sworn land Surveyors In Guyana
  • Arrange the Swearing Ceremony Of Successful candidates at the annual Sworn land surveyors examinations.
  • Issue approvals to survey state and government lands.
  • Provide the Public, companies and governmental agencies advise on surveying matters.
  • Facilitate the revamping of the Surveyors Association

Strategic Objectives of the Division

The following are the Strategic Objectives of the Division as outlined in the Strategic Plan of the Commission.

  • To establish and maintain a National Geodetic Network as a framework for Integrating Surveying and Mapping
  • To establish a cadastre to inform and guide land policy and planning, support land information strategy and supply clients with relevant and timely Data
  • To regulate and set standards for the execution of Geodetic, Topographic, Hydrographic, Cadastral and Aerial Surveys
  • To administer and enforce all laws relating to cadastral surveys and Land Surveying in general.
  • To survey Public Lands and maintaining index plans of Leases
  • To establish and maintain Index Plans for the Land Registry.
  • To develop and maintain an adequate level of surveying capacity in Guyana.

Staffing of the Division

The Division is presently staff with 27 persons which includes the Manager and three Seniors.

Cadastral Section

The cadastral section deals with the security of land tenure by ensuring that plans are prepared and recorded in accordance with Land and Surveys Act 9701 and incompliant with Deeds Registry Act for the purpose of conveying transport and Land Registry Act for the purpose of using cot Stateland Acts for the purpose of issuing Leases and Grants.

Ensure that duplicate of the aforementioned plans are kept safely for retrieval and perusal by surveyors and the general public as reference.

Geodetic Section

This section is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of national control benchmarks, both horizontal and vertical. Also responsible for the maintenance of the international boundary monuments, information on 1st,2nd , 3rd or 4th order control marks are obtained in form of coordinates and description and locations.

The Survey Information and Plan Drafting Section

This section consists of the Plan Drafting Unit, The Recording Unit and the Vault for, storing Cadastral Plans, Leases, Grants and other Land Information.

The Plan Drafting Unit helps to develop and customize survey information and Plan Drafting Systems; provide technical and analytical support to address issues such as Land Ownership and Titles, Urban and Regional Planning for the Commission to assist in the overall database management; to create and maintain maps and other geographic source data by manual and automated means for use by the Commission and members of the public.

The Recording Unit assists in the maintenance of the Recording System of the Commission thereof, forming a basis for accurate Land information and Boundary description of every tract of land which boundaries have been determined and have been described on a plan recorded by Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission.

The Vault stores, retrieves and index all Maps, Plans, Charts, Leases, Grants and all hard copy files including Titles for Government Lands. The unit provides survey information and land information to registered owners and a wide spectrum of users, including real estate agents, property valuators, building inspectors, planners, local authorities and general public as a whole.