The basis for the Commission’s service to the public hinges on the need to maintain simple, quick, effective and transparent land administration systems and procedures for the delivery of land titles. This must be based on an accurate land parcel records system.

To achieve this objective the GLSC needs full public participation and trust in our systems and procedures. Full and formal participation must be achieved through cooperation and consent achieved through effective, friendly and business like contact with our Clients.

Formal procedures that are clearly understood bring overall unity to systems, management and organization. They also clearly define the main standard of administrative operations as well as our responsibilities to our Clients, our colleagues at the GLSC and to Guyana. Full understanding and implementation of the procedures will mean no one part of the system, at whatever level, will be controlled or dependent on one individual. A unified management and team structure oriented to managing the ‘system’ and its overall outputs, not just its constituent parts, will ensure continuity of service and ease of working. This will also allow for more flexible work practices and greater mobility of staff between tasks.

The operating procedures presented in this manual are designed to achieve these general objectives. It is the task of the GLSC Head Office to set procedural standards and ensure they are fully implemented and maintained in each of the Regional Offices. This manual sets out the land
administration procedures for the Georgetown and Regional Offices. All employees involved in Land Administration are required to read and understand fully the procedures outlined here. It is the responsibility of each and every staff member to ensure these are followed to make the system work effectively for all.

Standard Operating Procedures for Land Administration (193 KB)
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