What is DLUPP?

DLUPP is an initiative of the Government of Guyana to improve mapping and land use planning functions to support Government policies of economic growth. It is being implemented as a project funded by the European Union and hosted by the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission. The project started in January 2011 and is planned to run to October 2013.

In what areas is DLUPP working?

The Project is working in three main areas:

  1. Enhanced Capacity in GLSC in Regional Planning, Mapping and Database Management
  2. Improved Interaction and linkages between GLSC and External Agencies & Stakeholders
  3. Groundwork for Harmonisation of Planning Legislation


Why is land use planning important?

  • Strategic spatial planning is a key tool in bringing together the problems, constraints and opportunities of the various sectors, such as agriculture, forestry, and mining. All sectors use and impact land.
  • This approach provides for the identification of national and regional priorities within a rational framework.

Guyana National Land Use Plan Presentation