Our Commission recognises that knowledge of the land is central to the needs of many organisations. Its importance can be seen in every aspect of life: economic and social, industrial and agricultural, governmental and private sector. In accordance with these demands, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to meet our customers needs by providing a wide range of mapping services.

Today, the Land Information and Mapping (LIM) Division combines modern mapping techniques with sound businesslike principles that enable us to take an informed approach based on value and effectiveness.

Using state-of-the-art software and hardware devices, the LIM Division can quickly create an eye pleasing visual presentation of top quality cartographic map products to assist you with your spatial data needs.

We can also provide customised map projects in hard copy and in digital formats. The delivered data could be made available in either raster or vector format. We could also provide you with your data using GIS, CAD or graphic arts software

The Land Information and Mapping Division is made up of three sections namely, Geographic Information System Section, Cartographic Section and Information Technology (IT) Support Section. The following are the objectives of this division:

  • to formulate policy on geographic and land information and set standards in relation to digital data, establish the framework for a national network of geographic information systems and develop and maintain a parcel-based land information system
  • to prepare and publish maps and charts of Guyana thereof
  • to ensure that the Commission’s IT systems and equipment is functioning effectively and its IT related plans and procedures are being implemented.

The Division is managed by Mr. Naseem Nasir and supported by a Senior supervising each of the three Sections.

GIS Section

The GIS Section is responsible for creating layers of geographic information for development purposes and administration utilising Geographic Information System (GIS). A key function the GIS Section is to lead in the development of digital data sets to support the needs of the Commission and by extension its clients. With this technology, decision makers can quickly access and visually display critical land information in geographic form.

Cartographic Section

Mapping and map products are the purview of this Section and is mandated to develop and update maps, charts, plans and images of spatial information to prescribed standards that meets the needs of national interest and our clients.

For a comprehensive listing of products and services offered by the GIS and Cartographic Sections of the Land Information and Mapping Division please refer to our Products and Services Catalogue. Should you desire to make contact with us in relation to these Products and Services, please refer to our Staff Directory.

IT Section
This section provides the technical and strategic support necessary to keep the Commission’s IT related systems, equipment, policies and plans operational and relevant. The main thrust is to develop and maintain the IT systems of the Commission in order to enhance its operations.