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Land Degradation Neutrality

Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) is a new initiative intended to halt the ongoing loss of healthy land through land degradation. It creates a target for land degradation management, promoting a dual-pronged approach of measures to avoid or reduce degradation of land, combined with measures to reverse past degradation. LDN is an achievement when globally or in a given landscape or terrestrial ecosystem the area of productive land remains stable or increases.

The objective of LDN is that losses are balanced by gains, in order to achieve a position of no net loss of healthy and productive land.

The objectives of LDN are to:

  • Maintain or improve ecosystem services;
  • Maintain or improve productivity, in order to enhance food security;
  • Increase resilience of the land and populations dependent on the land;
  • Seek synergies with other environmental objectives;
  • Reinforce responsible governance of land tenure.

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Completed Projects