Land use planning creates the conditions required to achieve types of land use which are sustainable, socially desirable and environmentally compatible.

Goals of Land Use Planning:

To improve the livelihood of all residents of the planning area by:

  • Fostering income generation by optimal allocation and development of physical resources.
  • Providing wider employment opportunities for the Region’s population.
  • To ensure that traditional communities are not adversely affected by development.

Objectives of Land Use Planning

  •  To establish priorities in regard to land use and infrastructure development.
  •  To develop extra-regional linkages that would strengthen the Region’s competitive position.
  •  To enable GLSC to define policies and plans with specific relation to:
    •  The identification of new lands for development.
    •  The allocation of unclaimed lands for development.
    • The creation of a framework to enable land use change.
    • The promotion of infrastructure development.
    • Capacity building within GLSC through the development of a methodology for land use planning for use in the rest of Guyana.
    • The initiation of a wider review of the national framework for development planning and control.
    • The identification of which agencies are responsible for which aspects and how they work together to provide efficient land management.


  • It resolves land use conflicts.
  • It provides for effective and efficient utilization of existing resources.
  • It opens new areas for development in sustainable manner.


  • Region 6 East Berbice
  • Region 9 Rupununi Sub-Region 1
  • Linden-Lethem Road Corridor
  • Soesdyke– Linden Highway