Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for land?

Ans: Please click the here to get further details.

What is the difference between State lands and Government lands?

Ans: State lands are vested in the President but there is no form of a physical title while Government land is held by the state under a physical title.

What is a lease?

Ans: A lease is an absolute grant for a term of years issued over state or Government lands.The current standard lease is for a term of fifty years.

What is the difference between lease lands and transported lands?

Ans: Lease lands revert to the State on expiry of the term of the lease while transported vests full and absolute ownership in the proprietor.

Where are lease lands available?

Ans: Lease lands are mainly available in the second depth of the Plantations along the main rivers and in the Hinterlands of Guyana.

When can I visit the offices of GLSC?

Ans: The commission has an open policy for visits.