The Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission is pleased to notify all Land Surveyors and interested persons that the consultation process for the receipt of feedback to finalise the Land Surveyor’s Act will be undertaken for a period of four (4) months from January to April, 2018.

The consultation process permits all expressions of comments, clarifications, questions and recommendations of the Land Surveyor’s Act to be provided to the Commission either in writing to the Head Office or to any of the GLSC’s Regional Offices, or during a consultation meeting in your Region. You may also email your feedback to the

A copy of the Land Surveyor’s Act can be downloaded from the Legislation page on GLSC’s website:

The first National Consultation Meeting of the Land Surveyor’s Act will be held in Region 4, in the Training Room of the Commission from 10-12 hours, Tuesday, February 20, 2018, and thereafter the following GLSC’s Regional Offices:

You may communicate with Head Office or the Regional Offices for the progress of finalization of the Land Surveyor’s Act.

GLSC Office Contact Telephone No. Date of Consultation  Time
Region 1 (Mabaruma) Tel. No. 777-5071 6-Mar-18 11:00 hours
Region 2 (Anna Regina) Tel. No.  771-4392 13-Mar-18 9:00 hours
Region 3 (Crane) Tel. No. 254-0572 20-Mar-18 9:00 hours
Region 4 (Georgetown) Tel. No.  226-0534- 9 12- Mar-18 8:00 hours
Region 6 (New Amsterdam, including Region 5) Tel. Nos. 333-4404, 335-3471 27-Mar-18 10:00 hours
Region 7 (Bartica) Tel. No. 455-2269 April 9,2018 11:00 hours
Region 9 (Lethem) Tel. No. 772-2016 16-Apr-18 14:00 hours
Region 10 (Linden, including Region 8) Tel. No. 444-2141 23-Apr-18 10:00 hours

Trevor L. Benn


Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission